Astazou Du Pyrillon
14-May  Puppy Bitch  VHC    (7/-) Birmingham National (Championship Show) Terry Thorn
30-May  Minor Puppy Bitch  1st    (4/3) Bath (Championship Show) Jack Richards
14-Jun  Puppy Bitch  1st    (6/0) Three Counties (Championship Show) Keith Savage
   Best Puppy           
27-Jun  Minor Puppy Bitch  2nd    (8/4) Blackpool (Championship Show) Hilda Carlin
   Maiden Bitch  1st    (2/1)    
25-Jul  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (9/-) Leeds (Championship Show) Brenda Banbury
28-Aug  Puppy Dog/Bitch  Res    (4/0) SKC (Championship Show) Gerald Mitchell
08-Dec  Limit Bitch  2nd    (14/7) LKA (Championship Show) Pat Stevens
27-Jul  Limit Bitch  2nd    (11/7) PMDC of GB (Championship Show) Peter Gilbert (Dogs) & Liz Cartledge (Bitches) & Sheila Ball (Referee)
15-Sep  Limit Bitch  1st    (4/1) Darlington (Championship Show) Steve Clark



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