Meredydd Arddun of Mynyddgwyn
06-Apr  Minor Puppy Dog/Bitch  3rd    (7/0) SE PMDC (Open Show) Phil Spiers
25-Apr  Minor Puppy Bitch  VHC    (11/-) WELKS (Championship Show) Brenda Judson
20-Jun  Minor Puppy Bitch  3rd    (5/1) Blackpool (Championship Show) Bob Townsend
   Puppy Bitch  VHC    (9/-)    
04-Jul  Puppy Bitch  Res    (9/-) Windsor (Championship Show) Brenda Banbury
10-Jul  Puppy Bitch  Res    (5/-) Paignton (Championship Show) Sheila Ball
13-Jul  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (7/-) South Wales KA (Championship Show) Nancy Richardson
   Novice Bitch  3rd    (12/-)    
19-Jul  Puppy Bitch  VHC    (7/-) National Working Breeds (Championship Show) Ferelith Hamilton
08-Aug  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (6/2) Bournemouth (Championship Show) Mr K Street
   Novice Bitch  3rd    (6/1)    
16-Aug  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (9/-) Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show) Jenny Hamilton-Jackson
   Junior Bitch  3rd    (13/-)    
23-Aug  Puppy Bitch  VHC    (8/-) SKC (Championship Show) Jean Lanning
   Junior Bitch  Res    (6/-)    
   Novice Bitch  3rd    (5/0)    
25-Aug  Puppy Bitch  Res    (10/-) Leicester City (Championship Show) Angela Smith
30-Aug  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (11/3) City of Birmingham (Championship Show) Sadie Stagg
   Maiden Bitch  2nd    (8/0)    
   Novice Bitch  3rd    (11/1)    
13-Sep  Puppy Bitch  Res    (10/-) Darlington (Championship Show) Phil Beeley
   Novice Bitch  2nd    (8/-)    
20-Sep  Puppy Bitch  2nd    (17/-) PMDC of GB (Championship Show) Alain Pecoult
   Maiden Bitch  3rd    (17/-)    
05-Oct  Junior Bitch  Res    (8/0) PMDC of Scotland (Championship Show) Bob Mason
   Maiden Bitch  3rd    (6/0)    
   Novice Bitch  Res    (7/0)    
   Under Graduate Bitch  2nd    (5/2)    
19-Oct  Junior Bitch  2nd    (21/-) NE PMDC (Championship Show) Percy Whitaker
   Maiden Bitch  Res    (13/-)    
   Novice Bitch  VHC    (15/-)    
30-Oct  Junior Bitch  Res    (11/2) Midland Counties (Championship Show) Terry Thorn
   Maiden Bitch  3rd    (4/0)    
   Novice Bitch  2nd    (6/2)    
   Under Graduate Bitch  2nd    (10/-)    
29-Nov  Junior Bitch  1st    (14/-) Working Breeds Of Scotland (Championship Show) Nessie Nelson
   Novice Bitch  1st    (13/-)    
   Postgraduate Bitch  2nd    (9/-)    
13-Dec  Junior Bitch  Res    (15/-) LKA (Championship Show) Mrs E Berry
14-Feb  Junior Bitch  1st    (13/-) Crufts (Championship Show) Lorna Ireland
05-Apr  Graduate Bitch  2nd    (8/-) SE PMDC (Championship Show) Bob Cook
18-Apr  Postgraduate Bitch  VHC    (14/-) Working Breeds of Wales (Championship Show) Jean Hammond
26-Apr  Graduate Bitch  3rd    (10/-) WELKS (Championship Show) Jack Richards
15-May  Graduate Bitch  1st    (4/0) SKC (Championship Show) Bobby James
25-May  Graduate Bitch  1st    (4/-) PMDC of GB (Open Show) John Hopkin
05-Jun  Postgraduate Bitch  VHC    (12/-) Southern Counties (Championship Show) Tony Stevens
09-Jul  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (7/-) Paignton (Championship Show) Maggie Saunders
15-Aug  Postgraduate Bitch  2nd    (10/-) Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show) Sheila Ball
23-Aug  Graduate Bitch  3rd    (11/2) PMDC of GB (Open Show) Val Phillips
28-Aug  Graduate Bitch  2nd    (6/-) SKC (Championship Show) Mary Newport
   Postgraduate Bitch  2nd    (6/-)    
31-Aug  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (9/-) Leicester City (Championship Show) June Du Rance
04-Oct  Graduate Bitch  VHC    (15/-) SE PMDC (Limited Show) Paul Spicer
18-Oct  Graduate Bitch  3rd    (14/1) NE PMDC (Championship Show) Colin Bowker
11-Dec  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (16/-) LKA (Championship Show) Sue Garner
13-Feb  Graduate Bitch  1st    (12/-) Crufts (Championship Show) Eric Eckersley
03-Apr  Postgraduate Bitch  VHC    (14/-) SE PMDC (Championship Show) Beryl Lord
16-Apr  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (17/-) Working Breeds of Wales (Championship Show) Hugh Grant-Dalton
01-May  Postgraduate Bitch  3rd    (13/-) WELKS (Championship Show) Colin Pleasance
08-May  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (12/-) Birmingham National (Championship Show) Barry Hewart
21-May  Limit Bitch  2nd    (11/-) SKC (Championship Show) John James
30-May  Postgraduate Bitch  1st    (7/3) PMDC of GB (Open Show) Mary Murphy
13-Jun  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (9/-) Three Counties (Championship Show) Phil Beeley
24-Jun  Postgraduate Bitch  2nd    (14/-) Blackpool (Championship Show) Bob Cook
02-Jul  Postgraduate Bitch  1st    (14/5) Windsor (Championship Show) Pamela Cross-Stern
25-Jul  Postgraduate Bitch  1st    (3/2) Leeds (Championship Show) Bobby James
12-Aug  Postgraduate Bitch  Res    (14/3) Bournemouth (Championship Show) Joe Kirk
30-Aug  Limit Bitch  2nd    (9/0) Leicester City (Championship Show) Lorna Ireland
03-Sep  Mid-Limit Bitch  3rd    (9/1) City of Birmingham (Championship Show) Jenny Hamilton-Jackson
10-Sep  Limit Bitch  3rd    (6/-) Richmond (Championship Show) June Du Rance
02-Oct  Limit Bitch  3rd    (5/0) PMDC of Scotland (Championship Show) Howard Tonks
29-Oct  Limit Bitch  3rd    (7/-) Working Breeds of Scotland (Championship Show) John Banbury
04-Dec  Mid-Limit Bitch  2nd    (5/3) PMDC of GB (Open Show) Toni Jackson
10-Feb  Limit Bitch  VHC    (12/-) Crufts (Championship Show) Brenda Judson



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