Show Records for Pyrenean Mountain Dogs beginning with - I
Title Name Last Known Owner(s)
  Ialiss Case from Pyrlandia Mrs K Parker
Ch Iamia De Fontenay Major R H Bromley
Ch Iana De Fontenay Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Ianette De Boisy Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Ianette De Fontenay Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Iania De Fontenay Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Iarkotte De Pontoise Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Ibette De bedous Mrs M Hird
  Icarus Legacy To Dordavian Mr & Mrs I Spencer-Brown
  Ideal De Fontenay Mr P Smith
  Idol De Bedous Mr R Forster & Mr G Alcock
  Idris Du Pyrdanti Mrs S Lewis
  Ieshars White Lady Mrs P Hadlow
  Ignace De Bedous Mr & Mrs E Hooton
  Ignacio De Fontenay Mrs P Saunders
  Ilan De Fontenay Mr R Lowe
  Ilbora De Bedous Mr & Mrs R Kellow
  Images Of Penpriory with Zalute Mrs M Dunk
  Imble De Bedous Lowton
  Imperatrice Of Mont Blanc Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Index Phillipa Mr P Williams
  Inloc Electron Shell Mr D Metters
  Inloc Fanfare Mr & Mrs J Richards
  Inloc Fantasy Mr C Pleasance
  Inloc Glad Of Mishow Mrs V Phillips
  Inloc Illustrious Mr C Pleasance
  Inloc Image Mrs P Mullis
  Inloc Japonica Mr C Pleasance
  Inloc Jasper Mrs L Metcalfe
  Inloc Jonandroy Dinah Mr J Richards
  Inloc Jonandroy Jacqueline Mr C Pleasance
  Inloc Kapricious Of Pendigo Mr & Mrs R Mullis
  Inloc Kasandra Mapel
  Inloc Krystal Mr C Pleasance
  Invar De Fontenay Mr G Martin
  Inyx Lux Opifex Immanis [AW0059PRT] Mrs C Brand-Middelkamp
Ch Iolette De Fontenay Mrs F Fouracres
Ch Iona Of Lisblanc Mr J Richards
Ch Ioniane Rain Dancer At Pyrdanti Mrs A Salmon
  Ioniane Whispering Breeze Mr & Mrs R Irons
Ch Ioniane White Lightening At Pyrdanti Mrs A Salmon
  Irlcadian Iggy Pop Mr B Hewart
  Irlcadian Imelda Mr B Hewart
  Irlcadian Imogen Mr L Battersby
  Irlcadian Imperial Of Betlamfell JW Mr D Battersby
  Irlcadian Indianapolis Mr B Hewart
  Irlcadian Indigo Yates
Ch Irlcadian Intaglio JW Mr B Hewart
  Irlcadian Irene Miss J Brandwood
  Irlcadian Isis Mr B Hewart
Ch Irmance De Fontenay Mrs P Saunders
  Irving De Pontoise De Fontenay Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines
  Isana De Fontenay Phillips
  Isard du Val du Lavedan gan Meredydd Mrs E Meredith
  Isla Du Pyrdanti Mrs A Salmon
  Island Girl Mrs C Crickmore
  Istead Golly Eaton
  Itsy's Sugar 'N Spice Mr & Mrs C Newland
  Ivan Of Dayhouse Mr R Madden
  Ivan Of Daymouse Mr R Madden
  Ivano Of Homeleigh Mrs D Cooke
  Ivory King Of Lisblanc Mrs S Ball
  Ivory Magic Of Laudley Mr & Mrs A Munn
  Ivory Of Lisblanc Mrs S Ball
  Ivy De Fontenay Mrs N Hulse
  Izianette De Fontenay Mrs N Richardson
  Iziani De Fontenay Mrs Le Chanu