National Working Breeds (Championship Show)
  Judge : Pat Bayliss
  Date : Saturday, 19 July 1997
   Puppy Dog 5 Entered. 0 Absent.
  1st  Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy   Mrs C Edwards
  2nd  Ordessa Moon Wizard   Mrs J Dowdell
  3rd  Arandora Ruby Snow Bear   Mr & Mrs B Jarvis
  Res  Sketrick Ditto   Mrs L Waters
  VHC  Laudley Star Celebrity   Mrs B Lord
   Junior Dog 7 Entered. 2 Absent.
  1st  Annanya Diamond Jubilee   Mr & Mrs G Goodman
  2nd  Sno Watt   Mr & Mrs M Jones
  3rd  Arandora Ruby Snow Bear   Mr & Mrs B Jarvis
  Res  Donatare Star Warrier   Mr & Mrs M Fothergill
  VHC  Darmaror Billy Rum Bear   Mr J Marsh
   Postgraduate Dog 11 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Galadrion Bootes of Pyrhaven   Mrs G De Pledge
  2nd  Sketrick Connoisseur   Mrs L Waters
  3rd  Red Embers Mister Chip at Arandora   Mrs L Ireland
  Res  Laudley Distingue   Mr & Mrs S Wendler
  VHC  Penpriory Whisper Of Blue   Mrs A Salmon
   Limit Dog 5 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Galadrion Bootes of Pyrhaven   Mrs G De Pledge
  2nd  Venkersh Sentinel   Mr & Mrs G Carvell
  3rd  Galadrion Winter's Spell of Ricaduffal   Mr I Duffell
  Res  Colmisteah White Admiral at Darmaror   Mrs S Woodhouse
   Open Dog 6 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Zcintillating Zed at Zalute   Mr & Mrs G Goodman
  2nd  Ch Gillandant Star Accolade   Mrs G Pollard
  3rd  Ir Ch Kaosca Hob Goblin   Mrs L Gribble
  Res  Cassylva Royal Musketeer   Mr & Mrs M King
  VHC  Ordessa Moonlit Knight   Mrs J Dowdell
   Puppy Bitch 4 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Arandora Supa Annimation   Mrs L Ireland
  2nd  Shanlimore Marie   Mrs C Edwards
  3rd  Shanlimore Merry Maid of Kricarno   Mr & Mrs R Tadd
   Junior Bitch 4 Entered. 0 Absent.
  1st  Arandora Pencarosa at Cumngo   Mr & Mrs R Vincent
  2nd  Annanya Little Rascal   Mr & Mrs G Goodman
  3rd  Caselbarn Queen Of Diamonds   Mr & Mrs G Carvell
  Res  Annanya Anais Anais at Anaxka   Mrs E Hoolichan
   Postgraduate Bitch 10 Entered. 0 Absent.
  1st  Laudley Dancin' Carousel   Mrs B Lord
  2nd  Shayshatow Diamond Delight   Mr & Mrs J Lewis
  3rd  Mercedes Whispering Pire   Mr & Mrs R Irons
  Res  Arandora Myss Mischief   Mrs L Ireland
  VHC  Rosemere Tarquistador   Mrs H King & Mrs L Bryan
   Limit Bitch 9 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Gillandant Crystal Shimmer   Mrs G Pollard
  2nd  Shanlimore Lucille   Mrs C Edwards
  3rd  Cookala Jo Leene   Mr & Mrs P Butcher
  Res  Zora Zedora at Zalute   Mr & Mrs G Goodman
  VHC  First Love at Pyrhaven   Mrs G De Pledge
   Open Bitch 4 Entered. 1 Absent.
  1st  Startrax Mythandir   Miss S Coles
  2nd  Ch Laudley Cherry Blossom from Shebran JW   Mr & Mrs S Clark
  3rd  Laudley Djeannie at Jojims   Mrs J Veale
    Dog CC    Zcintillating Zed at Zalute   
    Reserve Dog CC    Ch Gillandant Star Accolade   
    Bitch CC    Gillandant Crystal Shimmer   
    Reserve Bitch CC    Startrax Mythandir   
    Best Of Breed    Zcintillating Zed at Zalute   
    Best Puppy    Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy   


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