Show Records for Pyrenean Mountain Dogs - 1949
Date Show Type Judge
12-Feb Birmingham National (Championship Show) Mr J Beynon   
01-Mar East Of England Ladies Kennel Society (Championship Show) Unknown   
30-Apr WELKS (Championship Show) Mr W W Stansfield   
24-May Croydon Coulsdon Purley & DCS (Championship Show) Mr L C Wilson   
24-Jun Blackpool (Championship Show) Mrs Sherman Hoyt   
05-Jul Richmond (Championship Show) Mme J Harper Trois-Fontaines   
03-Aug Leicester City (Championship Show) Mrs C J Barber   
17-Aug Bournemouth (Championship Show) Mr H G Saunders   
27-Aug City of Birmingham (Championship Show) Walter Worfolk   
02-Nov LKA (Championship Show) Jaqmes Saunders   
10-Dec Birmingham National [2] (Championship Show) Mrs C Pacey   
14-Dec Kensington (Championship Show) Tom Scott   

Dogs Exhibited This Year
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