Show Records for Pyrenean Mountain Dogs - 1995
Date Show Type Judge
19-Feb PMDC of GB (Championship Show) Renee Millington [Critique]
17-Mar Crufts (Championship Show) Brenda Banbury   
25-Mar PMDC of Scotland (Open Show) Howard Tonks   
02-Apr SE PMDC (Championship Show) Bob Townsend   
15-Apr Working Breeds Of Wales (Championship Show) Bob Cook   
17-Apr NE PMDC (Open Show) Bert Battersby   
29-Apr WELKS (Championship Show) Pat Bayliss   
07-May SE PMDC (Open Show) Mike Gadsby   
12-May Birmingham National (Championship Show) John James   
21-May SKC (Championship Show) Harry Jordan   
28-May Bath (Championship Show) Sue Mutton   
04-Jun Southern Counties (Championship Show) Ferelith Somerfield   
12-Jun Three Counties (Championship Show) Lorna Ireland   
18-Jun Border Union (Championship Show) Ellis Hulme   
23-Jun Blackpool (Championship Show) Mr D Samuel   
30-Jun Windsor (Championship Show) Clare Coxall   
09-Jul South Wales KA (Championship Show) Mary Murphy [Critique]
12-Jul Paignton (Championship Show) Mary Dunk [Critique]
15-Jul National Working Breeds (Championship Show) Barbara Wood   
20-Jul East of England (Championship Show) Michael Coad   
22-Jul Leeds (Championship Show) Colin Pleasance   
11-Aug Bournemouth (Championship Show) Ann Kirk   
13-Aug NE PMDC (Open Show) Val Phillips   
19-Aug Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show) Sam Pascoe   
26-Aug SKC (Championship Show) Uwe Fischer   
02-Sep City of Birmingham (Championship Show) Christine Edwards [Critique]
08-Sep Richmond (Championship Show) Paul Spicer   
17-Sep Darlington (Championship Show) John Colgan   
24-Sep PMDC of GB (Open Show) Clive Muzzelle [Critique]
30-Sep Belfast (Chamionship Show - No CCs) John McManus   
07-Oct PMDC of Scotland (Open Show) Nessie Nelson   
15-Oct NE PMDC (Championship Show) Hilda Carlin [Critique]
26-Oct Midland Counties (Championship Show) Sheila Garratt   
02-Nov Working Breeds of Scotland (Championship Show) Margaret Everton   
08-Dec LKA (Championship Show) Pat Stevens   

Dogs Exhibited This Year (299)
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