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Further down this page you can see a list of Video tapes available ‘on loan’ to all fully paid-up club members. No more than two tapes may be borrowed at the same time and they may be kept for a maximum of one calendar month from the time of receipt. When ordering, please state clearly the numbers and titles as shown. The responsibility is with the borrower to ensure that they are returned within this time limit, if by post, by registered or recorded delivery, and in secure packing to prevent any damage in transit.
Tapes may be collected in person at any Club event, but please send in your request beforehand in order that those you have chosen will be available on the day, as only a limited number can be on display on the Club Stand. Requests can be submitted by mail, e-mail or telephone and you will be advised, at that time, of the cost of postage & packing, if this is applicable.
Some of the video tapes, which have been on sale over the years and which feature the club shows in general together with breed classes at many of the major Championship shows, as well as Pyreneans at shows abroad or in their natural habitat, are still in stock and can be purchased at a cost of £10.00 each plus postage & packing. Copies of any of the other tapes on the following lists can also be supplied at the same cost, but please all 28 days for delivery, as only a few are held in stock, so copies would have to be made professionally, from the original ‘masters’.
Just as video tapes replaced the old medium of 8 mm or 16 mm cine film 25 years ago, DVDs are now progressively replacing the ‘old’ video tapes. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain is keen to ensure that these archives are maintained for posterity and for this reason selected video tapes are now being copied to DVD. These disks are available to all club members on the same conditions as the previous medium of video tapes. Selected DVDs can be purchased from the Club at a cost of £5.00 each with postage and packing. Overseas members are encouraged to verify that their DVD player is capable of playing disks produced for the U.K., before submitting a loan request or order to purchase.
For loans of videos or purchases of videos or DVDs, please apply to:
The Hon Secretary, Graham Ford

The Great Pyrenees Breed Standard.
American K.C. (copy also included at the end of 3)
PMDC of GB Championship Show 1986
Towcester. Golden Jubilee Show. Judge : Alain Pecoult (France)
PMDC of GB Championship Show 1986 Copy of above with AKC Breed Standard appended
PMDC of GB video for 1987
Includes Open Show and Championship Show for 1986 plus exerts from 1987 Championship Shows at Kelso, Chepstow, Windsor and Malvern.
PMDC of GB video for 1988
Includes copies of WELKS 1968 (Judge: Constance Prince) and Crufts 1978 (Judge: Fred Prince) as well as 1988 Championship Shows - Crufts, Blackpool, Chepstow (bithces only), Paignton, Peterborough & Newark. Ends with shots of dogs in the Pyrenees 1988.
Visits to the Pyrenees by Lady Celia Morris & Graham Alcock
Includes shots of Pyrenean kennels, shows, etc. in 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975.
1971 - Visits to Dogs and Kennels on the East Coast.
1975 - Visits to Quibbletown, Esterhazy and GPCA National Specialty.
1976 - Visits to Dogs and Kennels on West Coast.
Around the Pyrenean World
Denmark 1974. Scenery and Danish Show. Judge : Mrs C R Prince.
Pyrenees 1969 and RACP Specialty at Tarbes.
South Africa - history of dogs in that country.
Australia - Royal Melbourne Show 1983 and sled dog run.
U.S.A. - Californian Specialty 1976. Judge : Mr P Gilbert.
U.S.A. - GPCA National Specialty 1974. Judge : Mrs J Passini-Birkett.
Northern Ireland PMD Show
PMDC of GB Members Day at Cheltenham 1975.
PMDC of GB Open and Championship Shows
Snippets from...
1968 Open Show. Judge : Warner Hill (Silver Ring, Ascot)
1970 Open Show. Judge : R James (Credenhill, Hereford)
1971 Open Show. Judge : W Siggers (Crystal Palace)
1975 Championship Show. Judge : Miss L Turner (Bingham)
1978 Open Show. Judge : Mr C Pleasance (Newton Abbott)
1980 Championship Show. Judge : Mr J Magoffin (USA) ( Newton Abott)
1983 Championship Show. Judge : Mrs J Passini-Birkett (Newark)
1986 Open Show. Judge : Mr Paul Strang (USA) (Malvern)
1986 Championship Show. M Alain Pecoult (France) (Towcester)
Top Dogs 1969/1971-72/1981 Breed Records for those years
Some General Championship Shows over 10 years.
WELKS 1968. Judge : Mrs C R Prince
Windsor. Judge : Mrs W Siggers
Crufts 1978. Judge : Mr F S Prince
Windsor Championship Shows
1968    Judge : Mr W Siggers with solo for Ch Pondtail Zborowski and visit to Bergerie Kennels for solo for Ch Bergerie Diable after winning Reserve Best In Show at Crufts.
1973    Judge : Mrs Mary Crane (USA) plus tour of Windsor town and PMDC Film Exchange Dinner and presentation of Film awards at Elvetham Hall.
1982    Judge : John Banbury
1987    Judge : Barry Hewart
1989    Judge : Ellis Hulme
1991    Judge : Colin Bowker
Crufts 1989
BBC recorded programmes, including (a) Introduction to Dogs, (b) 4 days of the show, (c) Agility and (d) highlights of the PMD judging.
Through 20 years at Championship Shows from 1968 to 1988
1968    PMDC of GB Open Show at Bucks. Judge : Marie Moore (USA)
1969    Crufts. Judge : G Robson
1970    Crufts. Judge : Miss Lily Turner and copy of Pathe News film of finale.
1970    Birmingham. Judge : Mrs Beryl Lord
1972    Crufts. Judge : Madame J Harper Trois-Fontaines
1973    Windsor. Judge : Mrs Mary Crane (USA)
1977    Snippets from Crufts, Birmingham and Darlington
1978    Snippets from Crufts, WELKS, Bath, SKC and Southern Counties.
1979    Snippets from Birmingham City
1980    Snippets from Crufts
1982    Bath. Judge : Mrs J Lloyd-King
1983    Bournemouth. Judge : Mrs M Ashby.
Our Pyreneans of the Past - at home with their breeders
De Fontenay - Madame J Harper Trois-Fontaines and other European Kennels of the 1930s.
Lisblanc 1, Lisblanc 2 and Lisblanc 3 - covering the start and all the successful winning years of the kennels of Mrs Sheila Ball).
Laudley - Mrs Beryl Lord.
Pondtail - Mrs Joan Passini-Birkett.
Moncal - Miss Peggy Grant-Dalton.
Buckland - Mrs Joan Lloyd- King.
Carabrae - Mrs Brenda Judson.
Our Pyreneans of the Past - at home with their breeders (continued)
Bergerie 1, Bergerie 2 and Bergerie 3 - the dogs of Mr & Mrs F S Prince, including Ch Bergerie Diable, Res BIS Crufts 1968 and Bergerie Knur, Supreme Best In Show Crufts 1970.
Pennco - Joyce and Patrick Stannard.
Pyrenean Fun and Frolics - Rallies, Picnics and Matches.
1971 Memorial Rally to Ch Pondtail Zborowski.
1972 Lady Morris’ Rally.
1974 Wimblehurst rally - start of the SE PMDC.
1975 General Pyrenean rallies around the country.
1976 Black and White Match - Pyreneans v Newfoundlands.
1977 Exmouth Rally & 10th Birthday celebrations for litter brothers Bergerie Knur and Ch Chazan Moncal Oscar.
1981 Fun Rally at Penn House.
1984/5/6 - Golden Jubilee Rallies - Castleford, Newton Abbott, Wootton Oaks, New Milton, Penn House and Bramshaw.
Welsh Puppy Farm
HTV video leading up to the prosecution of the owners.
Championship Shows of the 1970’s and 1980’s
1970 Birmingham
1971 Blackpool and Darlington
1973 Blackpool and Darlington
1974 SKC
1975 SKC, Darlington and National Working Breeds.
1976 Crufts, Bath, Windsor, PMDC of GB and National Working Breeds
1975 Crufts (sound) - donated by Joan Gross (USA).
1982 Bath
1985 Bournemouth
1986 Chepstow
1987 Paignton
1989 Birmingham
Fun and Features
(a) Pyrenean Do’s and Don’ts.
(b) U.S.A. Drill Team.
(c) ‘Friendly’ a Canadian Top Obedience Dog.
(d) Parade of Dogs of all Nations - Devon County Show (GB).
(e) ‘A Dog For All Seasons’ - the life of a group of pet Pyreneans throughout a year.
(f) ‘So You Want To Own A Pyrenean’ - a must for all those thinking of buying a puppy or older dog.
PMDC of GB - Video for 1989
Crufts - all classes
SE PMDC - B.O.B. / Dog & Bitch CCs.
Manchester - B.O.B. / Dog & Bitch CCs.
WELKS - qualifying classes.
PMDC of GB Championship Show - qualifying classes.
Darlington Championship Show - qualifying classes.
Birmingham City. Ch Marquis of Shiresoak winning 37th CC.
PMDC of Scotland - B.O.B. / Dog & Bitch CCs.
Midland Counties - qualifying classes & Working Group.
Crufts 1990.
BBC Recordings. Runner-up to Show - The World of Dogs. Dr Malcolm Willis - Dogs’ Bodies. Working Group and B.I.S. live coverage. All groups in more detail, Obedience and Agility. Terrier racing and Flyball.
PMDC Video for 1990.
Crufts. Judge : Jenny Hamilton-Jackson.
French Specialty at Tarbes.
PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : Ann Arch.
Pyrenean Potpourri
Snippets from Championship and Open Shows, Individual dogs etc. and Rallies from the 1970’s.
1975. SE PMDC Show at Maidstone.
1982. SE PMDC Open Show. Beere Green made for judging film with Brian Hammond officiating and commentary by Joan Passini-Birkett).
The World of the Great Pyrenees from Europe to America.
1 - In the Pyrenees 1931-36 with Mrs Mary Crane, Basquaerie.
2 - Basquaerie & Cote de Neige Kennels and kennels in France.
3 - 1968. U.S. Breeders.
4 - 1971. California shows.
5 - 1973. GPCA Specialty - Detroit.
6 - 1978. GPCA Specialty - Goldfields.
100 Years of Crufts.
With Angela Rippon narrating. Issued for the 1991 Centenary. Commercial video organised by the Crufts Committee of the Kennel Club.
Crufts 1991 at The NEC. BBC Recordings.
1 - The World of Dogs and run-up to the show with dogs in the Working Group.
2 - Highlights from the final day.
3 - Continuing with the World of Dogs and more details of the 4 days of the show.
PMDC of GB Video for 1991.
Crufts. Judge : Mrs Sue Garner - all classes.
PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : Mrs Sheila Garrett - all classes.
French Specialty.
WELKS. Judge : Mrs Lorna Ireland - all classes.
Birmingham National. Judge : Mrs M Saunders. Open Bitch, Challenges and B.O.B.
City of Birmingham. Judge : Mr Bob Townsend. PGD, LD, OD, Challenges, PGB, LB,OB, Challenges and B.O.B.
Pyreneans in Europe in the 1930s
1 - Dogs in France and the French Kennels - 1931, Feb & Jun 1932 and May 1933.
Dogs in the USA in 1936.
2 - Rest of Europe including de Fontenay (UK) 1936/37.
(Copy of 16 mm films from the Crane Library - gift to the PMDC Film Exchange by Mrs Mary Crane, 1971)
Crufts 1992 (NEC). BBC Recordings
1 - The World of Dogs
2 - Midway update.
3 - Live from the final day.
4 - The Groups in more detail.
5 - Agility, Obedience, Flyball and Demonstrations
Plus snippets from East of England 1991
Workshop and Educational
1 - The birth and early life of a puppy (produced by P M Grant-Dalton)
2 - Grooming a la Glover (produced by F Glover. USA)
3 - Sean’s Tracking Test (USA).
4 - Handling Demonstration.
A Dog’s Life in North America and Pastoral Pyrenees
1 - Basquaerie 1949 and 9th GPCA Match.
2 - Breeders in the USA 1967/68.
3 - Life with a pet Pyrenees in Canada in the 1970s.
4 - Pyr/Newfy Rally. GPCA of Mitchigan, USA. 1973.
5 - Trip to the Pyrenees - June & Dennis DuRance. 1978.
European Trip 1936 - Mr & Mrs F Crane (USA)
‘Holland to Carcassonne’ and as seas on the way back to the US.
First GPCA Sanction Show
Basquaerie Kennels and dogs.
(above copied from films donated by Mrs Mary Crane).
Crufts 1993 (NEC) - BBC Recording
1 - The World of Dogs.
2 - Toy, Utility and Working Groups
3 - Terriers, Hounds, Gundogs and Best In Show.
4 - Agility, Obedience and the groups in detail.
PMDC of GB Video for 1992
1 - Crufts. Judge : Jean Hammond.
2 - PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : Mr Phil Beeley.
3 - French Specialty
4 - National Working Breeds. Judge : M. Alain Pecoult.
5 - Working Trials in the Pyrenees
6 - Midland Counties Championship Show.
PMDC of GB Video for 1993
1 - PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : Mrs Polly Fielden.
2 - Crufts. Judge : Peter Gilbert.
3 - Fun and Members’ Day.
4 - Blackpool Championship Show.
5 - City of Birmingham Championship Show.
6 - NE PMDC 21st Anniversary Championship Show.
Crufts 1994 - BBC Recording
1 - The World of Dogs - Rare Breeds - Import Register.
2 - The show over 4 days - Groups and Best In Show.
3 - The show over 4 days in more detail, with some B.O.B.s.
4 - Agility, Obedience, Flyball, etc.
A wanderer and his Pyrenean in the wilds of North America at the beginning of the 19th century. Donated by Ranee van Eck, Australia. Film shown on Australia TV network.
PMDC of GB Video for 1994
1 - PMDC of GB Championship Show.
2 - Crufts.
3 - Bath Championship Show.
4 - Three Counties Championship Show (CC winners only).
5 - Italian Specialty.
6 - Scottish Working Breeds
7 - LKA Championship Show. Puppy & Junior Classes only.
American Kennel Club
The Great Pyrenees
AKC video.
Dog Steps
AKC video
"The Dog"
Commercial production from the Eye Witness Series.
History and evolution of the dog from hunter to family pet.
Includes shots of Maremmas guarding flocks in Italy.
Crufts 1995 - BBC recording
1 - History of dog shows in general.
2 - Exemption, Open and Championship show.
3 - Around the 1995 show; the Groups and Best In Show.
4 - More on the Groups and generally around the show.
PMDC of GB Video for 1995
1 - Crufts. Judge : Mrs Brenda Banbury.
2 - French Specialty at Rabastens.
3 - Bitches and/or dogs at Birmingham National, Leeds and Blackpool Championship Shows.
4 - PMDC of GB Autumn Open show..
Crufts 1996 - BBC recording
1 - Pre-show visit to Animal Health Trust Centre and introduction to 1996 Crufts.
2 - Toy, Utility and Gundog Groups.
3 - Final day. Working, Terrier and Hound Groups and Best In Show.
4 - Groups in more detail.
5 - Agility, Obedience and Flyball.
PMDC of GB Video for 1996 - Diamond Jubilee Year
1 - Spring Open Show. Judge : Lin Hill
2 - Championship Show. Judges : Peter Gilbert / Liz Cartledge.
3 - Autumn Open Show. Judge : Alan Britten.
Crufts 1997 - BBC recording
1 - Run-up to the show.
2 - Last 6 or 10 in Groups showing Pyrenean BOB, Ch Laudley Damascas, in final line up for Working Group. Best In Show.
3 - Agility, Obedience and Flyball.
4 - General shots of show over 4 days - some interviews
"Cookala" - Breeders, Bob & Frances Cook.
A visit to the Cookala Kennels and an in-depth look at their dogs. Commentary by Bob Cook. (donated by the late Bob Cook)
PMDC of GB Video for 1997
1 - PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : Mrs Pamela Cross-Stern.
2 - Crufts. Judge : Mrs Bob Townsend.
3 - Border Union Championship Show. Judge : Mr Albert Wight.
4 - NE PMDC Silver Jubilee Championship Show. Judge : R van Hoenacker (Belgium).
Crufts 1998 - BBC recording
1 - Run-up to the show - Interview with Mike Gadsby.
2 - All Groups, showing last 6 in each Group.
3 - General interviews with spectators, exhibitors and judges.
4 - “Spot The Dog” - Best In Show.
5 - Agility, Obedience and Flyball.
"It's A Dog's Life"
A special guide for dog lovers obtained from Dog World. Commercial production showing how to make your pet’s life healthy, happy, safe and secure whilst at the same time giving the responsible owner peace of mind.
PMDC of GB Video for 1998 (1 of 2)
1 - Crufts. Judge : John Banbury.
2 - PMDC of GB Championship Show. Judge : June Durance.
3 - PMDC of GB Spring Open Show. Judge : Dave Morris.
4 - PMDC of GB Autumn Open Show. Judge : Sue Lewis
PMDC of GB Video for 1998 (2 of 2)
1 - Manchester Championship Show. Judge : Paul Butcher.
2 - Bournemouth Championship Show. Judge : Terry Munro.
3 - Welsh KC Championship Show. Judge : Ellis Hulme.
4 - Darlington Championship Show. Judge : Graham Birch.
The Story of Thew Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Its history, early beginnings, in the Pyrenees, those at home in the UK and Best In Show at Crufts 1970. (Filmed and produced by Peggy and Hugh Grant-Dalton).
“It’s A Dog’s World”
Commercial production shown on TV network.
Crufts 1999 - BBC Recording
1 - A Canine Affair.
2 - The Groups and Best In Show.
3 - Obedience, Agility, etc.
4 - Around the show over the 4 days.
Crufts 2000 - BBC Recording
1 - PMDs. Judge : Polly Fielden.
2 - The Groups and Best In Show.
3 - Agility, Obedience and Flyball.
4 - Heelwork to Music.
French Club Specialty Show 2001
National D’Elevage 2001 - Tarbes
Filmed by Ian Spencer-Brown. Edited by Gerard van der Post. Including shots of the Pyrenees and visits to French breeders.
R.A.C.P. National Show - France
Donated - no details.
Crufts 2001 - BBC Recording
1 - Groups on each day.
2 - Interviews with Judges, exhibitors, etc.
3 - Agility, Obedience, etc.
4 - Dancing to Music with Mary Ray.
D’Armour Kennels, N.S.W. Australia.
Donated by Rina Murray, Aust. Recordings for Australian TV network programme Burkes Backyard, 1999.
2nd World Conference
Melbourne, Australia, 2000 (1st tape)
2nd World Conference Melbourne, Australia, 2000 (2nd tape). A commercial production.
PMDC of Victoria Inc. 26th Championship Show 2000
Held in conjunction with the World Conference. Judges : Ian Spencer-Brown and Terry Munro (UK).
Crufts 2002 - BBC Recording
1 - PMDs. Judge : June Du Rance.
2 - Pastoral Group 4 - PMD.
3 - Finals of all Groups.
4 - Flyball, Obedience, Agility.
5 - Mary Ray’s Heelwork to Music.
6 - New Breeders class - Shanlimore Pyreneans - Christine & Dave Edwards.
Pyrenean Kennels in France
Visited & filmed in 1997. Donated to Video Library
Crufts 2003 - BBC Recording
As for previous years.
PMDC of GB 1998 Video
1 - PMDC of GB Spring Open Show
2 - PMDC of GB Autumn Open Show. Judge : Sue Lewis
Kennel Club’s Guide to Conformation and Movement

Crufts 2004 - BBC Recording
As for previous years
“Muffin” - the Singing Pyrenean.
At home in Japan
 (“Muffin” is featured in the fun & feature book “Pyrenean Pyraphernalia”)
Crufts 2005 - BBC Recording
Featuring Working & Pastoral Groups and Best In Show.
Copy of film from the Crane Library.
In the Pyrenees 1969. Europe 1936-39. GPCA Match 1934. Basquaerie 1937. Washington Show. N.B. Other copies exist on tapes V23, V27 and V31.
Moncal Pyreneans
Copy of personal film of Hugh Grant-Dalton
Moncal 1958-2003.
USA & South Africa - leading kennels 1968-1971.
PMDC of GB Open Show - Ascot 1976.
Lady Morris’ Rally 1973.
Crufts 1972.