The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club
Of Great Britain

Members' Guide

When anyone joins a Club, Association or Society, they generally receive, with their membership confirmation, a selection of leaflets appertaining to that particular organisation. Also, throughout any year, essential information can come to the fore which needs to be circulated to members. So at any time, any member can have received up to a dozen papers or pamphlets giving details that are important and of necessity, should be kept close to hand.

As everyone knows, in this age of multiple postings and the collection of 'junk' mail that most households regularly find in their letterboxes, it is only a few of the dedicated 'filing experts' , who very conscientiously file away all pertinent information appertaining to their various hobbies, which can be turned up at a minte's notice. The majority put things in a 'safe place' - some never to be seen again, so when something urgent crops up there is a panic to find the required piece of paper they know that they have received.

Back in 1975, after going through a particularly frustrating few months trying to find various circulars which had been sent out by the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain, and spending considerable time in explaining to various members, the detailed content of films which were available 'on loan' from the Film Exchange, a suggestion was made to the Committee that instead of sending out dozens of sheets of paper, that everything needed by a Club member be contained in one booklet to tbe called a Members' Guide. Copies could then be sent to everyone when they joined the Club, and would include details of all the facilities available to members; a full list of books in the Library; a list of films in the Film Exchange; the Club Rules and Code of Practice; the Breed Standard; information from the Kennel Club Stud Books and a List of Boarding Kennels which had been recommended by Club members. It was suggested that this booklet be printed on the Club's own duplicator (as it then was) and then its own photocopier and, to offset the costs, advertisements would be accepted from Breeders.

The Committee unanimously approved this suggestion and the first Members' Guide was produced in 1975. This was an instant success and since then these booklets have been published bi-annually, the current one being issued in April 1999, and have been much appreciated by the membership.

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