Someone To Look Up To

Someone To Look Up To by Jean Gill
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Someone To Look Up To is a heart warming tale told through the eyes of one dog - Sirius. Infidelity, betrayal, companionship and hope fill this true to life story, which appeals to readers of all ages; from those who fondly remember Belle and Sebastien, to children who are learning the joys of a furry friend. Sirius' relentless and naive hope challenges our behaviour towards dogs and their training, whilst reiterating the connection between dog and owner.

Sirius, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, began life as one of a buzzing litter of eight, falling over each other for food and attention. Despite the breed's independent nature, he quickly gets chosen and taken home by a happy couple, and life is filled with the joys of being a dog: long walks with his faithful owner, comical training classes and Sirius' struggle with getting his owners to behave just how he wants them to. Suddenly everything changes and Sirius finds himself being fostered by a stern family who believe in a firm hand and a cold heart, We then see him moved to a dog shelter, where he shares his woeful tale with other dogs whose howls fill the night air.

Jean Gill has travelled all over the world working with a variety of dog handlers, including training for five years with Michael Hasbrouck in Switzerland. She has written a number of columns and articles on dog handling, as well as translating Hasbrouck's book, Gentle Dog Training. It was during her time spent with French organisation Breed Rescue that Gill was inspired by one particular dog's story; a story which struck her, a story that "had to be told".

Someone To Look Up To was publsihed on 6th July 2010, with copies available from the Club Shop. Manager Carol Savage, Kington Cottage Farm, Kington Lane, Claverdon, Warks, CV35 8PL. Tel : 01926 843007. email


"Enchanting, moving, well constructed, linformative without being heavy. There should be a book like this for every breed." Michael Hasbrouck., international dog trainer and author of best selling Gentle Dog Training.

I have read this book too, it is a good yarn!